Child Health Insurance

If your children are not covered by medical or dental insurance you may be eligible to get them free or low cost insurance through Virginia’s FAMIS and FAMIS Plus programs (FAMIS stands for Family Access to Medical Insurance Security).

Eligibility is based on a family’s current monthly income — A family of four earning up to $47,700/year may qualify (see the 2014 FAMIS income chart).

FAMIS insurance covers most medical and dental care — and eyeglasses too. Included in FAMIS coverage are:

  • doctor visits
  • hospital care
  • dental care
  • prescription medicines
  • eyeglasses
  • immunizations
  • regular check-ups — and more

The FAMIS programs are not welfare and can be a bridge to help children receive health insurance and health care until their parents are able to re-enter the workforce.

For more information on FAMIS, details about eligibility, or help enrolling your children:

  • Check to see if there’s a Project Connect location near you.  Project Connect is a free resource that will give you one-on-one help to see if your children qualify for free health insurance and can help you gather the information you need to sign your children up or re-enroll them. Project Connect also helps expectant mothers find out if they are eligible for free health insurance through FAMIS.  Look at the list of locations and click on the one closest to you for contact information and help.
  • Contact the Cover Virginia Call Center at: 1-855-242-8282 or look on the CoverVA website
  • SignUpNow also may be of assistance at: 1-804-828-6062.

Children deserve a healthy start in life.  Check out FAMIS today.

Good and Cheap: In addition to getting them access to medical and dental care, families can help their children get and stay healthy by offering nutritious foods. While most know that healthy eating is important for good health, it can be challenging for individuals on a tight budget. The new cookbook “Good and Cheap,” provides delicious, real food recipes targeted at individuals relying on SNAP assistance (food stamps), and living on just $4 a day. The cookbook is available for free online (click here to upload the PDF of the cookbook), and also is available in print for those without access to a computer. Non-profits can click here to apply for free copies of the cookbook, or to order discounted copies in bulk for $4 each.