More Facts about Health Insurance from the Marketplace

  • 2018 insurance plan information and prices are available now. There are fewer Marketplace health insurance options for 2018. Plan ahead and review information as soon as possible!
  • If you plan to get health insurance on the Marketplace for the first time this year, you can create a Marketplace account before November 1.
  • If you got health insurance on the Marketplace for 2017, login to your Marketplace account before November 1 to make sure you can still access your account and update your personal information.
  • If you already have Marketplace coverage, it’s easy to renew for 2018! Log in to your account to review plan options. Check to see if your doctor and medicine will be covered!

If you don’t renew coverage, your coverage will automatically be renewed and enrolled in a health insurance plan for 2018.

Plans are different for 2018. Be sure to review the plan that is selected for you if you automatically renew! You may change to a different plan during Open Enrollment only (November 1 to December 15). After Open Enrollment, you are locked into the plan that was selected for you.

  • The sooner you apply for insurance on the Marketplace, the better! This year’s enrollment period has been cut in half and only lasts 6 weeks. The website and call center will be busier later in the Open Enrollment Period. And, it will take longer for applications to be processed.
  • Pay your health insurance premium to the health insurance company (Anthem, CareFirst, Cigna, Kaiser, Optima or Piedmont) on time each month. If you don’t pay your premium on time, your health insurance will be cancelled. Then, you won’t be covered and you will likely to pay a fee of $695 or more!

Download Marketplace FAQs by Enroll Virginia here.