National Statistics and Studies


Below are a variety of national data and studies regarding the uninsured and the impact of uninsurance.

  • The Uninsured: A PrimerUnder the ACA, 31 states have expanded Medicaid.  Still, millions of Americans are uninsured.  This report describes how health insurance has changed since the ACA was enacted, profiles the uninsured and summarizes the impact of insurance on an individuals health outcomes and finances.
  • Understanding the Uninsured Now This report summarizes a national survey showing that many individuals, uninsured after the ACA, would like to be insured but believe health insurance remains unaffordable.
  • The Oregon Health Insurance Experimentstudied impact of expanding public health insurance of low-income adults on health care use, outcomes, financial strain, and well-being. It used a randomized controlled design to evaluate the impact of Medicaid in Oregon. Click here for a short summary of the project or go to the OHIE website for more details.

Last Updated on September 25, 2017