Child Health Insurance Resources

Too many Virginia children remain uninsured, despite the availability of the FAMIS programs, Virginia’s state-sponsored health insurance for children and pregnant women.

The Virginia Health Care Foundation is deeply involved in outreach efforts to help communities reach out to eligible families and help them enroll their children.  VHCF achieves this both via Project Connect grants that fund outreach programs and through its support of SignUpNow. In 2018, VHCF’s cumulative enrollment totaled over 100,000 children and pregnant women.

SignUpNow is a resource for community-based organizations dedicated to helping the families of eligible children and pregnant women enroll in and benefit from Virginia’s state-sponsored health insurance programs.

Created by the Virginia Coalition for Children’s Health, SignUpNow is administered as the training and technical assistance arm of VHCF’s Children’s Health Insurance Initiative.

Find out more about the resources available through SignUpNow by following the links on this site. You also can learn more by contacting SignUpNow via or by phone at (804) 828-6062.