Fundraising and Sustainability

The resources below will help both new and established dental safety net programs navigate tough funding and sustainability issues.


70/30 Model A Sustainable Approach to Community-Based Dental Care

Managing No Shows A quick guide from VHCF’s Tooth Talk on how Virginia providers are addressing the issues presented by “no shows.”


Fundraising Strategies for Dental Safety Net Clinics Although this toolkit was designed to help with raising funds to meet the RWJF’s match requirement for the Covering Kids and Families Grant, the resource is still a comprehensive source of information on fundraising. It takes readers through the basics of identifying potential sources, constructing a fundraising plan and approaching potential donors.

American Dental Association Continuity of Care The ADA provides grant funding through it’s Give Kids A Smile Continuity of Care grants.

Healthy Smiles Healthy Children Access to Care Grants  The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has awarded more than $5 million in Access to Care grants to 98 organizations in 32 states that have helped more than 354,000 children in need.

Learning from other successes:

Sustainable Dental Safety Net Clinics in Virginia This comprehensive presentation begins with an overview of key issues then delves into the most prevalent challenges facing dental safety net clinics in Virginia.  It discusses how Virginia dental clinics are addressing each and emphasizes the steps and importance of strategic planning.

VHCF Models that Made It To learn more about three dental projects funded by VHCF have proven to be cost effective, successful at meeting primary dental care needs, capable of sustaining themselves and replicable. VHCF encourages interested communities to consider replicating these Models That Made It.

Last Updated on August 29, 2019