Larell Dentures

To meet the needs of the thousands of Virginians who have suffered tooth loss and cannot afford dental care, a new type of one-step denture is now available to safety net providers in Virginia.

The Virginia Health Care Foundation is helping to make available these Larell One Step DenturesTM  to MOM projects and other dental safety net providers across the state, all of whom are facing the same time and dollar constraints.  Larell One Step Dentures provide quality dentures in a single one hour visit and at a cost much lower than conventional dentures.

Introduced in 2008, the Larell One Step Dentures have been providing patients with functional, esthetic, and comfortable dentures.  Utilizing Larell’s patented preformed templates, a full set of dentures can be completed, start to finish, in about an hour.   A dental lab is not needed so there is no delay between the initial consultation appointment for the dentures and their completion.

At a cost of at least one half the cost of conventional dentures, The Larell One Step Dentures provides a very attractive alternative to custom dentures. Made from American Dental Association approved materials and high quality teeth, the dentures are manufactured here in the USA.

Complete sets of dentures, one of two arches, immediate dentures, and implant overdentures are all possible with the Larell system.  Lost or broken dentures can be replaced on the spot for those emergencies where patients need them right away. They are predictable, accurate and need fewer adjustments than conventional dentures.

Listen to this NPR story on Larell dentures and discover the difference these dentures are making.