Workshop Webcast – MOM in Your Community

In May 2011, The Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) in conjunction with the Virginia Dental Association Foundation (VDAF) presented a workshop in Richmond, Virginia called ‘MOM in your Community,’ to teach interested participants how to plan a MOM event. You can take advantage of the learning this event provided by viewing a the webcasts created during those workshops.

The three webcasts include:  Heart and History of the MOM, Making it Happen! (which encompasses Nuts and Bolts, Community Involvement and Working with Dental Students), and a panel presentation entitled Voices of Experience. To view one or all of the webcasts, click on the link and register. Also note that there is a “Related Content” icon above the slide show in each segment which has links to the PowerPoints and other information you might find helpful.

Heart and History of the MOM (23 minutes)
Terry D. Dickinson, DDS, Executive Director, Virginia Dental Association

Dr. Dickinson discusses the overwhelming need for dental care in the United States, shares how the MOM project began and talks about the impact it has on both patients and volunteers.

Making it Happen!  (three segments totalling 1 hour, 32 minutes)

1)  Nuts-n-Bolts (41 minutes)  Barbara Rollins, Director of Logistics, Mission of Mercy

The MOM’s Director of Logistics shares a detailed account, with photos, of how to run a MOM project, including forming committees, managing lines, and the flow of activity through the project.

2)  Community Involvement (21 minutes), Sarah Holland, Executive Director, Virginia Oral Health Coalition

VOHC’s Executive Director shares the importance of community involvement in a successful MOM project, from fundraising and recruiting volunteers to public relations.

3)  Working with Dental Students (29 minutes), Cassidy Turner, DDS, VCU School of Dentistry

Dr. Turner provides a detailed account of how the ‘well-oiled machine’ of the dental student component plugs into a MOM project. She outlines the responsibilities of each class year of dental students and how to collaborate with this capable team

Voices of Experience Panel (52 minutes)

In this segment, four veterans of MOM projects from three localities in Virginia share their experiences in setting up and carrying out a MOM project over multiple years. Each provides an introduction followed by questions from the audience.

Emporia MOM:  Jamie Neal
Middle Peninsula MOM:  C.R. Harris, DDS, and Kelly Cooper
Roanoke MOM:  Robin Haldiman, Executive Director, CHIP of Roanoke Valley

Last Updated on August 29, 2019