Policy Reports and Strategies

Local, state, and federal policymakers are discussing improvements to the dental care system. Consult the resources below for pertinent policy briefs and tips on influencing policy.

Tooth Talk Tips – Contacting a legislator This document outlines three ways to contact your representative: writing a letter, sending an email, and calling your elected official.

The Virginia Oral Health Coalition  The Virginia Oral Health Coalition is a group of committed individuals and organizations working to bring excellent oral health to all Virginians.

To meet this mission, the Virginia Oral Health Coalition drives the Virginia Oral Health Plan. The plan’s objectives are to utilize advocacy, public awareness and innovative new programs to:

  • Change perceptions of oral health
  • Remove known barriers between people and oral health services
  • Build an effective oral health infrastructure by ensuring dental providers and future dental providers are prepared to meet the needs of the underserved in Virginia