Behind every Free Clinic patient who gets her diabetes under control, every school child who finally has health insurance, every community health center dental patient who can, at last, live a day without pain, every Virginian who no longer lives under the cloud of depression, is a Hero.

Click here to see the efforts of all of the heroes within Virginia’s health safety net who have been changing people’s lives.  

The dedication of these Heroes is essential to providing care to the hundreds of thousands of Virginians who are uninsured and need care:

  • The volunteer physicians, nurses, dentists, hygienists, counselors and others who make Virginia’s Free Clinics and dental outreach projects available to the uninsured.
  • The local community members whose financial support allows community-based programs to start-up and keep running.
  • The hard working staff at health safety net providers and outreach programs statewide whose endless dedication ensures that children receive health insurance, adults receive their medications, and uninsured Virginians receive medical, dental and mental health care.
  • The corporations, organizations and other donors who recognize that Virginians deserve to have access to health care, regardless of what their income or where they live.

While most of these Heroes work behind the scenes, every year, VHCF draws attention to some of the most outstanding at our Heroes in Health Care awards.