Excellence in Enrollment Award

In 2019, just six months of new Medicaid eligibility rules, nearly 75% of those estimated to be newly eligible for Medicaid were covered. This did not “just happen.”  It is the result of unprecedented collaboration between the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Although many worked hard to make this rapid progress possible, an interagency team of 11 people were responsible for developing and implementing “fast track” and automated processes to expedite and maximize enrollment – and they moved mountains in just four months.

Health insurance is a key element in making healthcare available.  This award was created to recognize the outstanding work and collaboration of this team and what they accomplished for the Commonwealth and so many uninsured Virginians.








2019 Winners:

Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services

Tammy H. Driscoll

Joanna M. Fowler

Janice S. Holmes

Linda L. Nablo (Retired)

Cindy M. Olson

Mariam Siddiqui

Virginia Department of Social Services

Kevin A. Platea

Sherry M. Sinkler-Crawley

Deborah D. Vaughn

Toni B. Washington

Dottie G. Wells (Retired)

Last Updated on September 22, 2021