Past Winners of You “Rx”ceptional Awards

VHCF’s You “Rx”ceptional Awards recognize outstanding commitment at both the corporate and community levels to address the medication needs of Virginia’s uninsured.  Meet the You “Rx”Ceptional Award Winners from the awards’ inception, in 2004, to the present:


Jeanne Kidwell has been the Fauquier Free Clinic’s dedicated Medication Coordinator for 13 years.  She has single-handedly met the needs of the ever-growing number of patients and the ever-changing landscape of Patient Assistance Programs. Last year, she processed more than 16,000 prescriptions. Jeanne is the ultimate patient advocate, driven by her care, concern and compassion for each patient.





Novo Nordisk



For the past five years, Novo Nordisk has filled 59,648 prescriptions with a value of $52.8 million for uninsured Virginians suffering from diabetes via VHCF’s medication access software, The Pharmacy Connection.


Katherine Carmon


Katherine Carmon is the quintessential Patient Advocate. Every day, she devotes herself to helping patients from 100 physicians’ offices across the state apply for free medicines from the brandname pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs. Even though her work is done by phone, Katherine’s patients feel like she knows them, and they praise her compassion and diligence. Her organizational skills and experience have enabled her to continuously expand. Last year, she helped 600 patients with chronic illnesses fill 2,628 needed prescriptions worth $4.1 million – free of charge.



Pfizer Logo


Over the past 18 years, Pfizer has filled over 1 million prescriptions with a value of $426 million for sick, uninsured Virginians via
The Pharmacy Connection.  Last year, it started distributing more free medicines to uninsured Virginians by participating in the RxPartnership.


Debbie Davis

In any given year, Debbie Davis with Central Virginia Health Services helps four times more uninsured patients obtain free medicines than the average medication caseworker. This amounted to 1,450 patients in 2014. She’s a whiz at completing applications and working with the drug companies Patient Assistance Programs. Debbie also coordinates medication caseworkers at six other sites. Their combined work produced $10.3 million in free chronic disease medicines for 2,642 uninsured patients in 2014.



Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.05.15 PM

Lilly USA received the 2013 You “Rx”ceptional award for its long-term commitment to providing free medicine to eligible, uninsured, chronically Virginians who otherwise could not afford them.


Jeannette Holmes

Jeannette Holmes, last year, helped 500 patients fill more than 2000 prescriptions valued at over $3.2 million. She travels between four free clinics and private medical practices with large numbers of uninsured patients to help them complete their PAP applications.  Without her diligent efforts, a large number of patients in Virginia’s middle peninsula would be unable to receive desperately needed medicine. Jeannette Holmes works for Tri-County RxAssist.




BMS has filled over 740,000 prescriptions with a value of $111 million for more than 50,000 uninsured Virginians through The Pharmacy Connection.

April A. Campbell, a Medication Assistance Case Worker at MedAssist of Patrick County, says, “The best part of my job is when I see the relief on peoples’ faces as they find out I can help them by getting the medicines they need at no cost.”She must experience this joy a lot, because she helped 767 uninsured patients fill 8,500 prescriptions valued at $4.7 million, just last year!



PhRMA represents the nation’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, many of which operate Patient Assistant Programs (PAPs) providing free prescription medicines to the uninsured. In 2010 alone, these PAPs filled 21.6 million prescriptions (30 day) with a value of $5.2 billion for the nation’s uninsured.

Joy McDaniel never gives up. As a Medication Assistance Caseworker, Joy strives to enroll all eligible patients in the drug companies’ Patient Assistance Program so that they receive all of the free prescription medications they need, free of charge. Joy works so efficiently that she serves patients in over 80 practices within a 100-mile radius.





AstraZeneca is widely recognized as an industry leader in Patient Assistance Programs. It has pioneered a variety of innovations over the years. These resulted in 25,000 chronically ill uninsured Virginians receiving free prescription medicines with a value of $31 million in 2009 alone.

Lita Truitt, a VHCF-funded Medication Assistance Program caseworker at MedAssist of Halifax/Halifax Regional Health System in South Boston, Virginia, received the You “Rx”ceptional Award for her efforts on behalf of patients. After the grant for her position as a research assistant in cardiology ended, Lisa cared so much about her 125 uninsured patients that she worked without pay, two days a week for two years, to help them obtain free prescription medicines. In just 18 months as a caseworker, Lita has helped 1,052 chronically ill patients obtain more than $4 million in free prescription medicines.


Genice Mines, Maryview Foundation Healthcare Center

In two years as a medication assistance caseworker, Genice and her co-worker helped over 1,200 uninsured patients fill more than 16,000 prescriptions valued at $9.9 million. Described as “having a big heart and a mind like a vise,” Genice also streamlined the patient eligibility system to expedite the collection of information, and redesigned the MAP brochure and information packet to better meet patients’ needs.


Sanofi-aventis was recognized for its commitment to providing free medications for chronically ill, uninsured Virginians through Rx Partnership. Of particular importance was the company’s breakthrough decision to include insulin, one of the most coveted and costly medicines. In addition, sanofi-aventis is continuing to make its individual PAP programs available to Virginians.  In 2008, these PAP programs provided prescription medications worth more than $5.7 million to more than 6,300 uninsured Virginians.



Cathi Biggs, Carilion Giles Memorial Hospital

Cathi is dedicated to obtaining free medicines for local patients in need. To increase the number of people helped, Cathi has worked through the years to tirelessly market the program, distributing flyers and brochures, writing newspaper articles and setting up booths at festivals and grocery stores.  In 8 years, she helped fill more than 25,000 prescriptions for a total of over $5 million in free medication.


Abbott Pharmaceuticals Corporation has made its products available at community health centers and free clinics in Virginia and is an important member of the Rx Partnership, adding crucial medications to the program’s inventory.  In addition, in a single year alone, Abbot’s Patient Assistance Programs provided more than $4 million worth of prescriptions to over 4,000 eligible Virginians.


Tammy Moore, Southside MedAssist

Tammy Moore, Manager of the Southside MedAssist Program at Piedmont Access to Health Services, helped establish Southside MedAssist and has dedicated herself to obtaining free medicines from the various PAPs for hundreds of local patients ever since.  As a result of her many superlative efforts, Tammy and Southside MedAssist have helped thousands of uninsured patients fill tens of thousands of prescriptions with free PAP medicines valued at well over $13 million.


Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s commitment to the Rx Partnership added 13 essential medicines to the Rx Partnership’s inventory, including treatments for hypertension, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.  In its first year of participating alone, Novartis provided more than $1 million worth of these important medications to uninsured Virginians served by the Rx Partnership’s affiliate clinics.  In addition, Novartis’ Patient Assistance Programs provides millions worth of prescriptions to eligible Virginians each year.


Arleigh Johnson, Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic

Arleigh Johnson, the Indigent Drug Program Coordinator for the Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic, has helped hundreds apply for free PAP medicines and seeks alternatives for those who aren’t eligible. Known as a person who never takes “no” for an answer, Arleigh, in a single year, obtained nearly $1 million in free medicines for more than 450 patients.


Merck is widely known for its leadership and generosity toward Virginia’s uninsured.  Merck was one of the first companies to commit product to the RxPartnership and also makes its products available to Virginia’s Community Health Centers and Free Clinics.  In addition to providing millions of dollars worth of medication to the Rx Partnership each year, Merck’s Patient Assistance Programs fill hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for eligible Virginians each year – more than $20 million dollars worth per year.


Mary Jo Doig, Rockbridge Area Free Clinic

Mary Jo Doig from the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic was given the You “Rx”Ceptional Award for the quality and quantity of her efforts to help the area’s uninsured receive essential medications that they otherwise could not afford.  At the time of the award, Mary Jo was working with 15 doctors and a team of six volunteers to help over 1,000 patients per year.  Mary Jo also was an active volunteer for the clinic’s dental program, providing assistance one or more nights every week.


GlaxoSmithKline received the You “Rx”Ceptional Award in recognition of its longstanding support and leadership, particularly its decision to become the first pharmaceutical company to donate product to Virginia’s Rx Partnership. The Rx Partnership is a public/private initiative that solicits free prescription medications in bulk from various pharmaceutical companies and arranges for their distribution to nonprofit “safety net” pharmacies, which it credentials and monitors.  GlaxoSmithKline also provides uninsured Virginians with millions of dollars in free prescription medications each year.


Nancy Carter, Clinch River Health Services

Nancy Carter, Pharmacy Advocate at Clinch River Health Services, excelled at using VHCF’s The Pharmacy Connection to obtain free medications for her uninsured patients.  These accomplishments are all the more remarkable because, when she began as a Pharmacy Advocate, she freely admitted that she wasn’t all that great with a computer.  In addition to her mastery of The Pharmacy Connection, Nancy demonstrated exceptional physician relations skills, working with more than 100 physicians to ensure that as many patients as possible were able to receive the medication they needed.


Pfizer was the first company to be awarded the You “Rx”Ceptional Award, receiving the recognition in thanks for its commitment to partnering with the Virginia Health Care Foundation and helping uninsured Virginians.  Pfizer was instrumental to the establishment of the Rx Partnership, providing guidance and financial support, in addition to making tens of millions of dollars worth of free prescription medications available to uninsured Virginians every year.

Last Updated on September 22, 2021