Federal Poverty Level

How do I know what percentage of the Federal Poverty Level (% FPL) my household income is?

A household’s Federal Poverty Level (FPL) depends on two things:

  1. The number of people in the “Household” (see below for the definition of a household). Take note: a household does not necessarily mean all the people who live in a house or apartment.
  2. The combined income that the household members earn.  You can use the monthly or yearly income amounts. Household income is usually calculated using gross income (the before-tax amount).


In general, a household is a group of people that are officially connected in some way. For example by:

  • Marriage (in-law, spouse, stepchild)
  • “Blood” relationship (child, parent, grandparent, brother or sister, niece or nephew, aunt or uncle)
  • Adoption
  • Foster care

People who live in the same home or apartment, but are not officially connected in one of the ways listed above are not considered a “household.”  Three friends sharing an apartment, for example, are three separate households.

Next, check out the income guidelines

Because each of the programs and services for the uninsured has its own eligibility requirements, you’ll need to check out each program separately.  Click on the program that you are interested in below and you will see information about income levels for eligibility. Note: the only way to know for sure if you are eligible is to apply.

  • Medicaid/FAMIS (Virginia’s State-sponsored Health Insurance programsVirginia has health insurance programs for eligible adults, children, and pregnant women. There are no enrollment costs and no monthly premiums for these specific types of health insurance.
  • Free and Reduced Cost Medical Care at a “Health Safety Net Organization Depending on where you live and what your household income is, you may be able to receive free or reduced cost medical care and prescription medicines at your local free clinic or community health center. At some sites, you may be able to obtain dental care or get help with mental health services, too
  • Health Insurance with Federal Financial Help  Virginians can buy health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Eligible individuals can get financial help to make health insurance more affordable. You can see the various insurance plans and how much help is available to you at the Health Insurance Marketplace.



Last Updated on September 5, 2019