Health Insurance Provider(s) Covering Virginia in 2018 (as of September 20, 2017)

This map shows the health insurance providers (also known as carriers) providing coverage to Virginia localities in 2018.

In most Virginia cities and counties, there will be only one health insurance provider offering coverage in 2018. While there may be only one company offering health insurance in an area, you will still have choices. Each company will offer more than one health insurance plan for you to choose from. Be sure to see if your doctor and medicine will be covered by the plan you pick!

The cities and counties with more than one health insurance provider are shown on the map by both shading and stripes. For example, in Loudoun County (Northern Virginia), both Cigna and Kaiser are providing health insurance.










To get more details about areas with more than one health insurance provider (referred to on the table as a “carrier”), please click here to see a table showing the insurance companies and the zip codes where they will provide coverage.