Behavioral Health Care

Looking for somewhere to turn for behavioral health care? It can be particularly hard to find if you’re uninsured.

The following Virginia community resources exist to help individuals and families coping with the challenges of mental illness:

  • Community Services Boards (CSBs) are local government agencies responsible for the delivery of community-based mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services.  Emergency services and case management are required services, and are usually provided to individuals with serious mental illness. Find your local Virginia Community Services Board.
  • Mental Health America/Virginia (MHAV) has 14 affiliates statewide working to developing services to prevent mental illness and assuring the proper care and treatment of mentally ill children and adults. Find a nearby MHAV affiliate.
  • 2-1-1 VIRGINIA provides links to mental health service providers by zip code, by region, or statewide.

Behavioral Health and Wellbeing for College Students
(Even though the resources listed below are written for college students, the information they provide is beneficial for ALL ages and levels of education.)

  • Suicide Awareness Guide – A suicide prevention resource tool that contains suicide warning signs, in-depth commentary from experts and more.
  • Student Stress & Anxiety Guide – A comprehensive guide about stress and anxiety and the resources and tools available to manage and treat these conditions.
  • College Addiction Guide – In-depth information on a variety of college addiction issues, including prescription medication abuse.
  • Eating Disorders Awareness Guide – Information about the different types of eating disorders, warning signs and where to get help.
  • Self-Injury –Info about the symptoms of self-injury behavior, treatment and prevention, helping a friend or roommate who self-harms, and where to find additional resources for self-injury awareness and support.
  • Bipolar Disorder –Info about the symptoms of Bipolar I and Bipolar II, Bipolar I and II treatment, helping a friend or roommate with Bipolar Disorder; and where to find Bipolar Disorder resources.
  • Psychotic Disorders/Schizophrenia –Info about the symptoms of Psychotic Disorders; treatment of Psychotic Disorders/Schizophrenia; helping a friend or roommate with a Psychotic Disorder; and where to find resources for Schizophrenia and Psychosis.
  • ADHD –Info about the symptoms of ADHD, ADHD treatment, helping a friend or roommate with ADHD, and where to find ADHD Resources.
  • Sleep Issues –Info about the connection between sleep and mental illness, the signs of a sleep disorder, setting a sleep routine, and where to find sleep disorder resources.

College Guide for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities

A Comprehensive Overview of Mental Health Disorders

Last Updated on March 31, 2020