A Dynamic Duo

Dr. Augustus Petticolas, Jr. and Dr. William Riley are the motivators, organizers, and enthusiastic cheerleaders of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia’s dental program.  With the combination of Dr. Petticolas’ long-time, quiet leadership and oversight of the evening clinic, together with Dr. Riley’s dynamic charisma and recruitment of daytime volunteers, the Clinic has nearly quadrupled the number of dental appointments available to the area’s uninsured in the last three years.

“Gus probably does more pro bono dentistry than any other dentist in Central Virginia.  I am amazed and humbled by the level of his commitment and the extent of his sacrifice.”

“Dr. Riley has not only recruited a large number of dentists to supervise the students, he is the number one volunteer of hours provided in the daytime clinics.”

In recongition of the astounding efforts of Drs. Riley and Petticolas, VHCF named them the winners of the 2006 Unsung Hero Teamwork award.