Resources to Reach Teens

Engaging teens in the FAMIS programs can be challenging. More than 40% of uninsured Virginia children are between the ages of 13 and 18 (40,000). This page includes outreach tools that tie FAMIS outreach and enrollment to two activities teens like most – sports and driving.

VHCF, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, has developed two webinars for school personnel and lesson plans for high school students that are linked to Virginia SOLs. All of these materials are available below.

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Short Webinars about the FAMIS Programs

Lesson Plans about Health Insurance (linked to Virginia SOLs)

These lesson plans include information about why health insurance is important and how it works, as well as information about the FAMIS programs and how to apply.

Virginia High School League Athletic Consent/Parental Permission/Sports Physical Formrequired for teens who participate in sports through Virginia’s public schools, includes language about the FAMIS programs.

FAMIS Outreach and Enrollment Resources

Below are a variety of free resources that may be helpful to you.

  • To order or download free or low-cost marketing materials for the FAMIS programs: Cover Virginia
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Youth Sports marketing materials

 To help families find providers that accept the FAMIS programs, click on the links below: 

To find local 1-on-1 application assistance:
Outreach Workers and Navigators are specially trained to walk families through the application process for the FAMIS programs.  Click on the links below to find someone near you.

For additional training and materials to assist families with applications for the FAMIS programs:

Additional Strategies to Reach Out to Families of Teens about Health Insurance
If you are interested in creative ways to reach larger groups of students and families, you may wish to refer to:

 For More information about the FAMIS Programs, go to Cover Virginia.


The webinars and lesson plans were completed as a partnership between the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Health Care Foundation, with assistance from Collective Health Impact, as part of a federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Cooperative Agreement.