Virginia Health Careers

With each student who commits to becoming a health care professional, Virginia moves one step closer to bridging the health care accessibility gap.

Each time one of those students commits to pursuing that career in an underserved area, VHCF is that much closer to the ultimate goal of providing quality health care to all Virginians regardless of income or location.

Virginia Health Careers, available as a booklet or on the Virginia Healthcare Workforce Development Authority website , is a comprehensive reference manual published by the Virginia Healthcare Workforce Development Authority and the VHCF to educate and inspire students to pursue health careers and to serve in underserved communities. This in-depth manual contains thorough descriptions of more than 90 health professions.

Career information pages describe the each health profession, work activities, average salary range, work setting and educational requirements.

Listings also include contact information for related professional associations and the Virginia schools, universities and training programs for each specific career.

Readers also learn which careers are in highest demand and what areas of the state are in greatest need, and then challenges students to meet those demands.

The online version of Virginia Health Careers also includes Student Choice <>, an interactive tool to help students compare cost, income and education requirements for health careers.

  • The ability to browse for a career, based on the field of study, salary, or educational requirements;
  • Links to sites at which students can pursue work and volunteer opportunities to learn more about a specific health career (“Do It”);
  • A suggested high school timetable for students interested in a health career;
  • Links to all Virginia educational institutions offering training and education in health careers and a list of related programs and degrees offered at each; and
  • Detailed information on financial aid, including federal, state and military financial assistance programs, as well as links to financial aid resources offered by a vast number of organizations, businesses, associations and clubs at the local, state and national levels.

Virginia Health Careers is made possible by a close working relationship with the Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority <>. It is available as Virginia Health Careers <> online.