Looking For Dental Care?

Finding dental care can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, a growing number of communities in Virginia are providing dental care through free clinics, community health centers, and other nonprofit organizations. You can use this search tool to see if there’s a community dental care provider near you with just a few easy steps:

  • Enter your address or zip code.
  • Filter the results by your specific needs (for example, organizations that treat children or adults without dental insurance).
  • Scroll down to see the matching organizations.
  • Click on each organization’s name to view additional details, including the phone number, address, and website.
  • Contact the listed organizations directly to find out their hours, services provided, fees, and eligibility criteria.

Note: If your children are uninsured and not covered by Medicaid, find out if they’re eligible for the state-funded FAMIS health insurance program. It provides coverage for both dental and medical care for children up to age 19, with dental care provided through a special Smiles for Children program. To find a dentist that accepts FAMIS, click here.

Special thanks to Delta Dental of Virginia for generously sponsoring the development of this search tool.

Last Updated on February 10, 2021