Behind every health safety net patient who gets her diabetes under control; every school child or adult who finally has health insurance; every dental health safety net patient who can, at last, live a day without pain; every Virginian who no longer lives under the cloud of depression, is a Champion.

Meet some of the Champions! within Virginia’s health safety net who have changed people’s lives.  

The dedication and talent of these Champions are essential to providing care to the hundreds of thousands of Virginians who are uninsured or medically underserved:

  • The volunteers and staff of Virginia’s free clinics, community health centers, and human services organizations who provide medical, dental, and mental health care.
  • The local community members whose financial support allows community-based programs to start-up and keep running.
  • The hard working application assistors throughout the state whose perseverance and dedication ensure that eligible children and adults have Medicaid coverage, and that uninsured adults obtain the prescription medicines needed to manage their chronic diseases.
  • The corporations, foundations and other donors who support efforts to ensure that all Virginians have the health care they need.

While most of these Champions work behind the scenes, VHCF draws attention to some of the most outstanding with special awards at its Cheers for Champions! event. The Covid-19 pandemic precluded Champion awards in 2020 and 2021.

Last Updated on February 8, 2023