Dental Care

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dental clinics are taking precautions to protect their patients and staff. Call the clinic directly to learn more about appointment availability. Updates information on COVID-19 is available on the Virginia Department of Health and CDC websites.

Looking for help finding dental care? It can be a real challenge.

People who have low family incomes and no dental insurance sometimes suffer in silence with serious dental problems because they can’t find access to care.

Fortunately, a growing number of communities in Virginia are providing dental care through free clinics, community health centers, and some health department offices. Some hard hit areas also benefit from Missions of Mercy, where hundreds of patients can be seen by volunteer dentists and hygienists in one or two days.

For Anyone: To see if there’s a community dental care provider near you, click on this link to dental safety net locations by-locality (it is a PDF file — if your computer does not have Adobe already installed, you will need to install the free Adobe reader). Contact the nearby dental safety net sites (they are listed alphabetically by-county or by-city) to find out their hours, appointments and fees, as well as eligibility criteria.

For Children: If your children are uninsured and not covered by Medicaid, find out if they’re eligible for the state-funded FAMIS health insurance program. It provides coverage for both dental and medical care for children up to age 19, with dental care provided through a special Smiles for Children program. To find a dentist that accepts FAMIS, click here.

Explore the interactive map below to discover how VHCF dental grants are helping increase access to dental care for Virginia’s uninsured and medically underserved.

  • Blue Star = VHCF-Funded Dental Safety Net Clinics
  • Green = Other Dental Safety Net Clinics

The above map does not include Health Department sites.

This map is updated periodically. Please contact VHCF at (804) 828-5804 with any updates and/or changes.