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2024 Enrollment Excellence Award recipient

Miriam Kadhim
Project Connect Medicaid Enrollment Specialist
Neighborhood Health (Arlington)

Miriam Kadim is a problem solver who has used her many skills and talents during the past 11 years to help more than 8,000 people in the Arlington area obtain Medicaid/FAMIS health insurance coverage.

Throughout the community, Miriam is known for her intelligence, compassion, and perseverance in working with both her clients and local eligibility workers. At Neighborhood Health, she is known for her ability to streamline systems, train new outreach workers and eligibility staff, and nurture teamwork through potluck celebrations for key occasions.

Her mantra when problems arise, comes from Finding Nemo’s Dory. She just keeps swimming!

2022 Enrollment Excellence Award recipient

Denise R. Parker
Health Educator – FAMIS (Retired)
Norfolk Department of Public Health

During her 14 years as a VHCF Project Connect Outreach Worker, Denise Parker changed the lives of 4,458 children, 1,358 pregnant women, and 1,175 adults in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area by helping them enroll in Virginia’s Medicaid/FAMIS health insurance programs. Throughout her tenure, Denise embodied the Project Connect philosophy to “meet people where they are,” both physically and emotionally. Even during the pandemic, she traveled to key partner organizations to meet their clients onsite to help them enroll and she took the extra time to listen to their stories, treating all with respect and dignity.

2019 Enrollment Excellence Award recipients

Tammy H. Driscoll, Joanna M. Fowler, Janice S. Holmes,
Linda L. Nablo (Retired), Cindy M. Olson, Mariam Siddiqui
Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services

Toni B. Washington, Sherry M. Sinkler-Crawley, Kevin A. Platea,
Deborah D. Vaughn, Dottie G. Wells (Retired)
Virginia Department of Social Services

Eleven employees of the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services and Department of Social Services were awarded the Enrollment Excellence Award for their roles in developing and implementing “fast track” and automated processes to expedite and maximize Medicaid enrollment.   Thanks to the unprecedented collaboration of this interagency team, nearly 75% of those estimated to be newly eligible for Medicaid have been enrolled in the six months since new eligibility criteria became effective.

Last Updated on June 6, 2024