Virginia State Income Tax Credit

Your contribution to VHCF may be eligible for Virginia’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).  NAP offers Virginia state income tax credits to individuals and eligible donors of qualified, participating organizations.  VHCF participates in the NAP program.

Eligible corporations and individuals making charitable contributions to VHCF may receive tax credits valued at 50% of their donation (see criteria below).

Donor Type Donation Type Minimum Eligible Donation Value of Tax credit (50% of donation) Maximum Donation Eligible for Tax Credit Maximum Tax credit per taxable year
Individual Cash only $500 $250 $125,000 $62,500
Corporation Cash * $616 $308 N/A N/A

Please Note:

  • Donations Must Be Pre-approved in order to receive NAP tax credit.
  • Online donations are only eligible for state tax credits via the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) if you donate through the VHCF website here.
    • Donating online, versus mailing your donation to VHCF, does incur a fee. As such, your NAP tax credit for online contributions will be for the total amount of your donation less 3% charged by Network for Good. Donating $1,000 via the website link will entitle you to request 50% worth of credits for $970 (the $1,000 less 3%).
    • If you would like VHCF to receive $1,000, for example, you will need to adjust the donation amount up by 3% (donate $1,030 – VHCF will receive $1,000 and you will be able to request a NAP tax credit of $500).
  • You also may take advantage of NAP credits by mailing your contribution to: Virginia Health Care Foundation, 707 E. Main Street Suite 1350, Richmond, VA 23219
  • Non-cash business donations (stock, merchandise, real estate, leased space, certain professional services) must be valued in accordance with NAP and IRS standards.
  • The value of tax credits is computed based on 50% of all donations (up to maximum) received between either July 1 through December 30 OR January 1 through June 30 of each calendar year.
  • Individual donors are no longer restricted from claiming a Federal deduction for donations for which they have received a Virginia State income tax credit.

Tax Credit Application Process

1)  The Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) receives your donation. The Eligible Tax Credit is valued at 50% of the donation subject to the following criteria:

  • Individual Donor – $500 minimum cash donation
  • Maximum tax credit/married couple = $50,000
  • Business Donor – $616 minimum donation
  • Maximum tax credit = $175,000

2)  VHCF sends the Contribution Notification Form (CNF) to the donor.

3)  The donor completes the CNF and returns the completed original to VHCF.

4)  VHCF certifies the CNF and submits it to the Virginia Department of Social Services for review and approval.

5) The donor receives Tax Credit Certificate by mail from DSS (30-45 days).

Questions about the tax credit?  Contact Stephanie Buxton, VHCF’s Fund Development & Communications Coordinator, at (804) 525-1479 or