You “Rx”ceptional Awards

VHCF’s annual You “Rx”ceptional Award recognizes stellar commitment to address the medication needs of Virginia’s uninsured. The award is bestowed each year at VHCF’s Heroes in Health Care event.

Individuals who are honored with a You”Rx”ceptional award are role models who have provided excellent service, commitment, and dedication to a Medication Assistance Program and its patients/clients.

For 19 years, Juliet Tinsley lead the evolution and expanded the utilization of The Pharmacy Connection, VHCF’s software to expedite access to free prescription medicines from the brandname drug companies’ Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).   Amidst significant changes in technology, those who needed prescription assistance, and the PAPs themselves, Juliet was unflappable. She addressed each challenge and change head-on, always announcing “Here’s what we’re going to do.”

Juliet tackled her breast cancer head-on, as well.  Although she ultimately succumbed to it in January 2019, uninsured Virginians with chronic diseases and those in 15 other states continue to obtain the medicines they need via TPC.

Juliet’s legacy lives on in each of them.

Last Updated on September 22, 2021