Dentists Sorely Needed

In the most rural parts of the Virginia, dentists are scarce, making it impossible for everyone to receive care. Lack of education and access to dental care often turn minor dental issues into painful infections. A grant from VHCF helped The Northern Neck Free Health Clinic establish a dental clinic to help those who are in most urgent need.

Dr. Pirok, one of the dentists who volunteer at the Northern Neck Free Health Clinic, is frustrated that, in many cases, his only option is pulling a patient’s teeth.  Many of his patients’ mouths hurt so intensely that even local anesthesia can’t numb the pain.

The situation is grim but dentists like Dr. Pirok appreciate the efforts of the Northern Neck Free Health Clinic and others and try to help as much as they can.

It is the goal of Virginia Health Care Foundation to help provide care to places in Virginia where there are none and where providers are few. Funding provided by VHCF has helped to fund a full-time dentist and dental coordinator at the clinic.