There is no better investment.

I like investing in organizations that have integrity, that deliver tangible value I can measure, and that have a heart. That’s why I have invested in the Virginia Health Care Foundation time and again. It’s where I get the most bang for my buck!

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Giving Hope to Meadowview

Caroline Levine may be a New Hampshire resident now, but her roots are still in Meadowview, a little town in Southwest Virginia. When the citizens of Meadowview received a grant of $700,000 to build a greatly needed and long anticipated health clinic, they were given six months to raise the required $500,000 match. Caroline’s contribution of $250,000 energized many who thought the goal was unattainable.

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A Great Return on Investment

Years ago, before The Theresa Thomas Memorial Foundation made its first grant to VHCF, we took a thorough look at VHCF’s track record. Maximizing our investment was important, and we never saw a greater return than with VHCF.

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