Giving Hope to Meadowview

Caroline Levine may be a New Hampshire resident now, but her roots are still in Meadowview, a little town in Southwest Virginia. When the citizens of Meadowview received a grant of $700,000 to build a greatly needed and long anticipated health clinic, they were given six months to raise the required $500,000 match.

Caroline’s contribution of $250,000 energized many who thought the goal was unattainable.  It was the galvanizing force that enabled Meadowview to attract additional funds and obtain the required match just 6 weeks later.

“Through times of trouble and peace, Meadowview has earned the reputation as a place where people care for each other and take pride in their common heritage.  Through her gift, Ms. Levine honored this legacy as well as the community’s future.”

In recognition of her generosity and dedication, VHCF honored Ms. Levine as a 2006 Unsung Hero.