“The day the dental clinic opened was a lifesaver for me.”

I have diverticulitis. Among other things, that means I have to avoid all processed foods and stick to a diet of limited fresh foods. All of them require the ability to chew.

My dad was a dentist so I have always been diligent about flossing and brushing. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. I developed a cyst at the base of a tooth that caused agonizing pain whenever I tried to eat. As a result, I avoided food, because it hurt too much to chew. I got thinner and thinner and was literally wasting away.

When the dental clinic opened, I was practically first in line. They removed the cyst and are helping me get my mouth healthy again.

At last, I can eat without pain and I am fighting to regain my health and weight.

Now, I have a way to start moving forward.