“They Saved My Life”

The 12 prescriptions Sharon needed cost more than $1,100 per month. Yet, when her company shut down, she lost her medical benefits as well as her income. Her husband’s disability check totaled just over $500 per month — less than half the cost of the medications Sharon needed to control her asthma, diabetes, hypertension, depression and allergies.

The New Horizons Health and Wellness Center, a VHCF grantee, was the answer to Sharon’s prayers.

“The Patient Assistance Program saved my life in so many ways.  Without them providing my medications, I wouldn’t be alive.”

The health center provided for the full spectrum of Sharon’s health care needs, enabling her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in social work from Radford University and re-enter the workforce.  “I’m excited to now be able to give back to the community,” Sharon said.

An RxRelief Virginia grant from the Virginia Health Care Foundation provided the funds needed to keep the health center’s medication assistance program thriving and able to help others receive life-saving and health-saving medications.