A Dynamic Duo

Dr. Augustus Petticolas, Jr. and Dr. William Riley are the motivators, organizers, and enthusiastic cheerleaders of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia’s dental program. With the combination of Dr. Petticolas’ long-time, quiet leadership and oversight of the evening clinic, together with Dr. Riley’s dynamic charisma and recruitment of daytime volunteers, the Clinic has nearly quadrupled the number of dental appointments available to the area’s uninsured in the last three years.

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Highland Medical Center

Highland Medical Center (HMC) is a federally funded community health center located in the town of Monterey in Highland County. Funding from VHCF in 1994 helped to establish the center. The medical center’s services to area residents grew stronger following an additional VHCF grant, which allowed the center to hire a full-time dentist.

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Dentists Sorely Needed

In the most rural parts of the Virginia, dentists are scarce, making it impossible for everyone to receive care. Lack of education and access to dental care often turn minor dental issues into painful infections. A grant from VHCF helped The Northern Neck Free Health Clinic establish a dental clinic to help those who are in most urgent need.

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Accomack County School-Based Dental Program

The Accomack County Schools Dental Project was awarded two VHCF grants for its work in the dental field.

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Stony Creek Community Health Center

With funds from VHCF, Stony Creek Community Health Center added a new physician to their staff in an effort to boost the number of providers in Sussex County, a health professional shortage area. This physician is the second physician in this quickly growing practice.

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Great Things from Little Communities

A small community with a huge heart ensures that all its members have access to health care.

In just its first two years of operation, the Shenandoah County Free Clinic served nearly 1,000 patients and provided more than 2,693 patient visits. Even though it is only open one night a week in a small, rural county, this little clinic provides medical, dental, and mental health services.

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