Medicaid/FAMIS Outreach & Enrollment

Those without health insurance lose out on important preventive care — from dental visits to yearly check-ups — laying the groundwork for more serious health issues later on.

How VHCF is helping

VHCF’s Medicaid/FAMIS Outreach & Enrollment initiative works both in local communities and at the state level to increase enrollment of eligible Virginians in Medicaid/FAMIS. The Medicaid and FAMIS programs provide coverage for doctor and hospital visits, vaccinations, prescription medications, mental health care, and more.

  • Sponsors locally-based Project Connect initiatives to help individuals and families learn about the Medicaid/FAMIS programs, sign them up, and keep them enrolled.  Since 1999, VHCF grantees have helped over 138,000 Virginians enroll in the Medicaid/FAMIS programs.
  • Provides in-depth training and technical assistance to current and past Project Connect grantees, as well as to independent outreach projects, through its SignUpNow initiative.
  • Documents barriers to enrollment & renewal in Medicaid/FAMIS and advocates for policy and program improvements statewide.
  • Provides access to a broad array of training and outreach materials to help ensure the success of outreach programs.  Materials range from on-demand training to details on Mediciad/FAMIS eligibility guidelines to workshops.

VHCF’s Medicaid/FAMIS Outreach & Enrollment initiative would not be possible without the continued support of its partners, who have been instrumental to building a network that works for individuals and families across Virginia. The Foundation works with the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services and the Virginia Department of Social Services to improve policies, procedures and systems for Virginia’s families. The Virginia Poverty Law Center provides VHCF technical assistance regarding eligibility and enrollment for the FAMIS programs. The Virginia Department of Education (DOE) is an outreach and enrollment partner.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Changing Lives

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