SignUpNow is a resource for community-based organizations dedicated to helping eligible Virginians enroll in state-sponsored health insurance programs through Medicaid/FAMIS.

Created by the Virginia Coalition for Children’s Health, SignUpNow is the training and technical assistance arm of the Virginia Health Care Foundation’s Medicaid/FAMIS outreach & enrollment initiative.  Today, SignUpNow receives funding through a contract with the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services to provide materials, publications and workshops.

Among the services provided by SignUpNow are:

  • Technical assistance for organizations on initiating and implementing enrollment activities with their clients or within their communities (schools, child care centers, health care settings, churches, Head-Start programs, etc.).
  • Training workshops to help community workers identify their eligible clients and assist families with the application process. Funding for these workshops is provided by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.
  • Speakers and presentations to raise awareness about Medicaid/FAMIS and the link between health and access to health insurance.
  • Trouble-shooting and assistance on a case-by-case basis.

SignUpNow also develops and disseminates detailed support materials, including:

  • Two comprehensive Tool Kits (1 Medicaid/FAMIS and 2 ABD Medicaid) containing health insurance forms, brochures, posters, client handouts, fact sheets, step-by-step instructions and lists of resources;
  • Two online, on-demand training courses (Medicaid/FAMIS and ABD Medicaid);
  • A quarterly newsletter providing updates on FAMIS/Medicaid; highlights of best-practices; and notices of new resources, upcoming workshops, conferences and funding opportunities; and
  • A “Help Line” (804-828-6062). Staffed by VHCF, the line is a resource for outreach workers regarding policy, eligibility rules or issues and also offers trouble-shooting for local efforts or individual cases that become problematic.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023