Medical Care

Looking for help getting medical care if you’re uninsured and can’t afford care?

Depending on where you live, there may be help nearby.

Here at the Virginia Health Care Foundation, we don’t provide care — we support the Commonwealth’s health safety net providers, the free clinics and community health centers that DO provide care. If you need help, contact them.

Who provides care?

There are nearly 60 free and charitable clinics in Virginia and more than 140 community health center locations. These sites help Virginia’s low income and uninsured residents get the care they need to get well and stay well. They also can also help people get free prescription medications, depending on the medicines needed and the patient’s income level.

Unfortunately, many of these clinics and centers are overwhelmed with patients. Even though it may be difficult to get an appointment right away, free clinics and community health centers are essential to helping uninsured Virginians get the care they need. Read more about free clinics and community health centers.

Are there any other places to go?

Some Virginia Department of Health offices provide medical care as well, as do some community organizations. And, hospitals have financial assistance policies to help people who need in-hospital care.  Read more about medical care provided through hospitals and health departments.

Where can I go for free STD testing?

The Virginia Department of Health (1-800-533-4148) has free STD testing available statewide to anyone, regardless of insurance status. To find out the STD testing sites nearest to you, visit the Virginia Department of Health STD website and enter your zip code.

What about care for my children?

If your children are uninsured and under age 19, they may qualify for free health insurance through the FAMIS programs. The FAMIS programs are not welfare — they are health insurance.

The FAMIS program covers doctor visits, hospital care, dental care, prescription medications and even eyeglasses. Eligibility is based on a family’s current monthly income (a family of four earning up to $4,741/month may qualify). Check out the FAMIS Programs and Medicaid section of this website or visit the Cover Virginia website.

How do I find out more about care for adults and children in Virginia?

VHCF has collected all the information you need about finding medical care in Virginia — and it’s all right here on this website. Look in the column to the left (in green) and check out the locations and eligibility requirements of Virginia’s free and charitable clinics, community health centers, health department offices and other community resources.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024