For Those Who Help

The number of uninsured Virginians is growing at an alarming pace. Fewer employers are offering health insurance benefits to their employees and health insurance premiums are increasingly unaffordable.

Compounding the problem is the fact that many Virginians live in communities with a shortage of doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, hygienists, and other providers. There are too few providers to care for all the people who need help — insured or not.

How is VHCF helping?

Through grantmaking and innovative initiatives, the Virginia Health Care Foundation plays a pivotal role in helping to make primary care and essential medications available to all who need them.

  • VHCF grants totaling more than $61 million have increased access to medical, dental and mental health care for uninsured Virginians and have made more than 3.9 million patient visits possible.
  • VHCF has invested nearly $61.4 million in Virginia’s health safety net, increasing the number of providers from 33 to 328.
  • VHCF’s Medicaid/FAMIS Initiative has been a vital partner in the effort to enroll eligible Virginians in state-sponsored health insurance.  VHCF projects enabled the enrollment of more than 146,000 Virginians.
  • The Pharmacy Connection, VHCF’s flagship program to obtain free medications for eligible uninsured Virginians, has provided more than 366,000 uninsured Virginians with more than $9 billion in free prescription medications.

VHCF also supports health safety net providers through education and training sessions, such as mental health roundtables.

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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