RxRelief Virginia Grants

A special category of VHCF grants works to help chronically ill residents receive free or low cost medications.   RxRelief Virginia funds medication assistance caseworkers to help uninsured Virginians obtain free medicines for chronic illnesses.  Using VHCF’s The Pharmacy Connection software, these  caseworkers help eligible patients benefit from pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs.

RxRelief Virginia is made possible through an appropriation from Virginia’s Governor and General Assembly. In GY23 caseworkers connected 10,467 uninsured Virginians from more than 80 localities with $120 million in free or low cost medicines and supplies — using just $1.6 million in state funds.

Special requirements regarding RxRelief Virginia grants:

  • Can be used only by/for local Medication Assistance Programs in targeted economically disadvantaged regions to help uninsured adults obtain prescription medicines;
  • Are only available via special requests for proposals.


Last Updated on January 17, 2024