How to Apply

Organizations that have met the Grant Eligibility requirements can apply for the Health Safety Net grants using the following procedure.

Virginia Health Care Foundation grants for Expanding Access to Primary Care are awarded in two cycles each year, in the spring and fall. The 2020 Concept Paper spring and fall deadlines for funding consideration are:

  • January 17, 2020 (Spring 2020)
  • July 17, 2020 (Fall 2020)

Please do not submit a Concept Paper without first carefully reviewing VHCF’s requirements to determine if your organization and project are eligible for consideration.

  1. Step One:  Determine if your organization and the project you’re proposing meet general eligibility requirements, and review the VHCF Grant Guidelines.
  2. Step Two:  If your organization and project meet the general eligibility requirements for a VHCF grant, you will need to submit a Concept Paper.
  3. Step Three:  If VHCF invites your organization to develop your concept further, you will need to submit a Formal Proposal. (Note: please do not submit a formal proposal if your organization has not been invited to do so.)

If you have any questions regarding how to apply for a grant, please contact VHCF’s Program Officers:

Cat Hulburt, Chief Program & Engagement Officer
Phone: (804) 525-1483
Andrea Lancaster, Program Officer
Phone: (804) 828-7481

Grants for Child Health Insurance Outreach and Medication Access programs are awarded only in response to periodic requests for proposal.