Formal Proposal FAQs

Who should we contact if we have questions about our proposal?

You can schedule a time to speak with a VHCF Program Officer here or call the VHCF office at 804-828-5804.

What are the deadlines for formal proposals?

Current proposal deadlines can be found here.

Does the deadline for submitting proposals mean the proposal should be postmarked or received by the deadline?

Proposals must be received in the VHCF offices by 5:00 pm on the deadline date.

Does VHCF consider unsolicited proposals?

No.  Please do not send in a proposal unless your organization was requested to do so following review of your concept paper (see concept paper FAQs)

How to submit your proposal?

We are now accepting formal proposals via email! Please email your proposal (making sure to include the Executive Summary cover sheet and all attachments) to Kari Parkhurst, Grant Operations & Website Administrator at

Does the 10-page proposal limit include the Executive Summary or budget pages?

No. The 10-page limit is for the narrative portion of the proposal and does not include the Executive Summary, the budget forms, the budget narrative, letters of support, or other attachments.

There is no page limit on attachments, but please ensure that attachments are relevant to the project.

When will we be notified if we receive an award?

Applicants will be notified by June 30 for Spring cycle, and by December 31 for Fall cycle submissions.

If we were invited to send in a proposal and were denied, how long do we have to wait to resubmit?

If your full proposal is denied funding, you must wait at least one year before reapplying for funds for that project. After one year, you may send in another concept paper for your project.

How long after a grant is approved will we get the money?

If your project is approved for a grant you will be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement with the Foundation that lays out specific goals for your project. The first payment of a grant is made once the Letter of Agreement is signed by both the Foundation and the Grantee. This is typically within two months of notice of a grant award.

Important note: An invitation to submit a concept paper or a formal proposal does not guarantee funding for a project. Grant awards are only assured after:  the application/review process is complete; the Foundation’s Board of Trustees has made final determinations regarding awards; and a satisfactory letter of agreement has been signed by all appropriate parties.

Last Updated on October 25, 2023