Dental Provider Resources

Providing dental care to underserved populations can be a real challenge. From recruitment to funding to increasing kept appointment rates, it can be difficult to keep a program running successfully.

Sometimes the best way to learn how to handle a situation is to hear from someone else who has tackled it. The resources available through the VHCF website, roundtables and workshops help both new and established dental providers achieve their goals and bring primary dental care to Virginians.

Tooth Talk is another invaluable resource. It connects Virginia’s dental safety net providers and practices via two avenues:

  • The Tooth Talk Listserv is an online forum for dental safety net providers — a mechanism for them to learn about new resources and grants, to pose and answer questions about providing dental care to the uninsured, and to keep up-to-date on important issues.
  • Tooth Talk also is the name of VHCF’s twice yearly dental roundtable discussions for Virginia’s dental safety net providers.  These roundtables are unparalleled opportunities for providers to learn from each other.  Each roundtable focuses on a key issue facing dental safety net providers today.

To sign-up for the Tooth Talk Listserv or to find out more about Tooth Talk roundtables, contact VHCF at (804) 828-5804.

VHCF also shares in-depth resources for dental providers statewide, including:

Contact VHCF at (804) 828-5804 if you have additional resources you would like included.

Last Updated on September 22, 2021