Tooth Talk

Tooth Talk connects Virginia’s dental providers who care for uninsured children and adults:

  • Tooth Talk is a community forum for dental safety net providers — a mechanism for them to learn about new resources and grants, to pose and answer questions about providing dental care to the uninsured, and keep up-to-date on important issues.  The core of this community forum is a listserv that enables VHCF to connect all participants and share information.
  • Tooth Talk also is the name of VHCF’s twice yearly dental roundtable discussions for Virginia’s dental safety net providers.  These roundtables are unparalleled opportunities for providers to learn from each other.  Each roundtable focuses on a key issue facing dental safety net providers today.
  • Here are some documents from previous Tooth Talk Roundtables:

Dental Dashboards

Dental Assistant II Overview

Dental Assistant II

Oral/Systemic Connection

Dental/Medical Collaboration

Integrating Oral Health and Medical Care

Virginia Oral Health Plan overview

Affordable Care Act overview

Sample Referral Form used with diabetic patients

To sign-up for the Tooth Talk Listserv or to find out more about Tooth Talk Roundtables, contact VHCF at (804) 828-5804.