The Pharmacy Connection

The Pharmacy Connection (TPC), is a proprietary web-based software program created by VHCF that helps provide prescription medications to chronically ill, uninsured individuals throughout Virginia and other states.

TPC is more than just computer software — it is an indispensable tool for many free clinics, community health centers, hospitals, medical practices and other social service and community based agencies which rely on it to help their patients.

All of the major classes of medication are included, covering chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to hypertension, clinical depression to asthma and more. Since its 1997 launch, TPC has generated more than $8 billion in free medications for more than 360,866 sick, uninsured Virginians via more than 5.5 million prescriptions.

TPC works by making it easier and faster for health care providers to enroll their patients in brand name pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), allowing them to:

  • Dramatically reduce the administrative time required to complete the application process to these programs;
  • Automatically determine if a patient meets the eligibility requirements of the PAP;
  • Track the status of all applications;
  • Receive automatic reminders when it’s time for a patient to reapply to the PAP, ensuring that the reapplication is submitted before the patient’s medications are depleted;
  • Generate required reports and streamline paperwork; and
  • Help more of their low income chronically ill patients get the medications they need to stay healthy.

Find out how TPC works and why it’s such an important asset for health safety net providers and Virginia’s uninsured.

“Without TPC, we would spend the entire day filling out paperwork by hand.”

Last Updated on April 4, 2024