Models that Made It

Models that Made It are uniquely successful VHCF-funded projects that can be replicated in communities across the state. VHCF grants are available to those seeking to build on the success of these Models.

To find out whether your organization may benefit from replicating a dental, medical, or mental health care model:

  1. Review VHCF eligibility requirements to determine if your organization could be eligible for funding.
  2. Review the types of Models available and follow the link to review the replication guidebook.
  3. Contact the Model directly to arrange for a site visit and learn first-hand about their experiences.
  4. Review VHCF grant guidelines for further information on applying for a Models that Made It grant.

Dental Models:

Carilion Pediatric Dental Program – Expand dental health care delivery via partnership between a benevolent sponsor and a community coalition.

Free Clinic of the New River Valley Adult Dental Program – Utilize a combination of paid dental staff,  volunteer dentists, and dental hygiene students to maximize the number of patients receiving care.

Accomack County’s School-Based Dental Program – Establish a collaborative venture that provides dental care for public school children.

Mission of Mercy – Establish a Mission of Mercy dental event in a community.  See also the MOM Index of Sample Forms/Materials.

The “70/30” Model – A sustainable approach to community-based dental care.

Medical Care Models:

Free Clinic/Mid-Level Provider Initiative – Add a paid Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant to augment the services of volunteer health professionals and expand patient capacity.

Nelson County’s Health Depots – Employ a circuit riding nurse practitioner to travel into rural areas providing care to those without access.

Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center – Establish a community-based health clinic using paid and volunteer health professionals to provide health care and support services for uninsured and underserved patients.

If there is no direct link to the Model’s replication guidebook, contact VHCF for a printed copy at

Last Updated on October 25, 2023