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VHCF’s semi-annual Mental Health Roundtables provide behavioral health professionals and interested stakeholders with valuable information about behavioral health service delivery, trends, innovations, and relevant public policies. The Roundtables are just one of many Mental Health Provider Resources VHCF makes available. Others include webinars, podcasts, and special reports and survey data.

The March 20, 2023 Mental Health Roundtable on
Addressing Children’s Mental Health Needs featured:

Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, VCU Health and VCU School of Medicine

Racial Trauma and Mental Health of Youth of Color

Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen is a professor and pediatric psychiatrist at VCU and works to improve the equity of mental health treatment for children and adolescent populations. She will walk us through how racism and racial trauma impact children’s development, emotional regulation, and mental health. She’ll also share strategies, frameworks, and resources for how to build an understanding of and respond to the racial trauma impacting the clients our organizations serve.

Dr. Al-Mateen serves as the co-chair of the Black Caucus for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and is part of a pathway program to recruit BIPOC medical students and psychiatry residents into child psychiatry. With more representation in the field, Dr. Al-Mateen hopes all patients and their families will feel increasingly understood. She has presented and written about cultural psychiatry topics in mental health, race, and equity for underrepresented populations. In addition to numerous research articles, she has also published a journal issue that addresses systemic racism and disparate mental health outcomes for youth of color and a handbook of research and practice for providing mental health care to African American Youth.
Read her full bio here!

Additional Topics Include:

  • The State of Mental Health of Virginia’s Youth
  • Quick Takes – A Collage of Innovative Practices for Children’s Mental Health
  • Updates from the Virginia Mental Health Access Program
  • Medicaid Renewals and their Potential Impact on Children
  • Previews of Coming Attractions


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Last Updated on October 24, 2023