How TPC Works

The Pharmacy Connection (TPC) web-based software helps to streamline the application process for pharmaceutical company’s Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). Through PAPs, pharmaceutical manufacturers supply free brand name medications and low-cost generics and supplies for eligible patients.

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• The software user inputs the patient’s information, medical diagnosis, and drug request information.

TPC instantly evaluates the request based on the patient’s need and the program requirements of the company manufacturing the needed medicine and determines if the patient is eligible for the PAP.

TPC produces the correct application forms to complete the request, which can be sent directly to the appropriate pharmaceutical company.

• The entire process takes an average of four (4) minutes per request.

TPC automatically reminds users when it’s time for patients to reapply to their PAPs and submits the reapplication requests.

• Users can generate all necessary reports and paperwork and can even use TPC to print out prescriptions and medicine bottle labels.

TPC is easy to use and makes the process very fast and efficient.”

“All the information I need for my patients is right at hand with TPC.”

Last Updated on March 29, 2023