Behavioral Health Provider Resources

Behavioral Health Hub listserv and Resource Page

VHCF has created the Behavioral Health Hub listserv to connect the behavioral health community throughout Virginia for sharing resources, tips, and thoughts on providing behavioral health services and self-care during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Resources shared via the listserv will also be housed on the Resource Page so you can refer to them at any time. Learn more about the Behavioral Health Hub and Resource Page here.

Trauma Informed Care and Resilience

VHCF has compiled a list of resources to learn about Trauma Informed Care and Resilience, as well as a free introductory webinar series. Additional in-person workshop and training opportunities are available (email Andrea Lancaster to learn more).

Mental Health Roundtables

VHCF hosts semi-annual Mental Health Roundtables for health safety net organizations, Community Services Boards, mental health professionals, policy makers and others.  These half-day roundtables focus on key issues related to increasing access to mental health services for Virginians. (Email Kari Parkhurst to be added to the Mental Health Roundtable email list.)

For access to presentations and materials from prior roundtables, visit the Mental Health Roundtable section of this website.

Grant Funding

Under VHCF’s Health Access Grants, funding opportunities are available to expand access to behavioral health services and/or accelerate the licensure of behavioral health professionals. Occasionally, special funding initiatives are announced to address identified needs in Virginia, which may include behavioral health. Learn more about past special initiatives here.

Professional Development 

VHCF makes $650 (per agency) available annually to Virginia’s health safety net organizations for professional development. Before registering for classes or seminars, organization staff should read the Professional Development Assistance Program Guidelines. Organizations do not have to be current VHCF grantees to be eligible. Please contact a VHCF program officer with any questions.

If the course falls within the program guidelines, and upon pre-approval from a program officer, reimbursement will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the VHCF Professional Development Assistance Program Reimbursement/Report Form.

Scholarships for NPs Seeking Psychiatric-Mental Health Certification

The Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) has a special scholarship program to underwrite tuition and fees for Nurse Practitioners (NP) who return to school to obtain a post-Master’s Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Psych NP) Certificate. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced NPs to gain valuable behavioral health training to help address a huge unmet need in Virginia. To learn about VHCF’s Psych NP scholarship, click here.

Reports and Data


Integrated Care Resources


  • The Positive Psychology Podcast covers all sorts of topics such as passion, mindfulness, and strengths with a focus on positive psychology so you can cherry-pick the strategies that work the best for you.
  • The Trauma Therapist Podcast has been sharing episodes about mental health and trauma since 2014, with over 500 available to choose from. Hosted by Guy Macpherson, Pd.D., most episodes focus on an interview with an expert in the field of psychology and trauma.
  • Hidden Brain, hosted by Shankar Vedantam, an NPR science correspondent, focuses on the little things that often go overlooked in our daily lives. Episodes unravel patterns that influence our behaviors, the instincts that guide our choices, and elements that affect the unfolding of our relationships.
  • The Psych Files is an informal podcast featuring interviews with authors and researchers in the field of mental health and psychology. It covers current events and patterns of human behavior, exploring how these tie into elements of psychology.
  • Nurture vs. Nurture is a podcast featuring Dr. Wendy Mogul, social-clinical psychologist and author. Each week, Dr. Mogul sits down with a different set of parents for a therapy session, bringing her forty years of experience working with families. This podcast allows listeners to go on another family’s journey and to receive practical advice along the way.

Last Updated on October 12, 2021