On-Demand Training

For a list of SignUpNow’s current live, in-person training workshops, please click here.

SignUpNow is in the process of updating the online training curriculum to include the New Adult Coverage in Medicaid. The online, on-demand training curriculum is based on content from the SignUpNow Tool Kit and the in-person workshops the project conducts around the Commonwealth on Virginia’s Medicaid/FAMIS programs.

In each 20-30 minute module, you will learn information about an aspect of Virginia’s Medicaid/FAMIS programs. The modules include information on:

  • the programs and the agencies involved in the application process;
  • financial and non-financial eligibility guidelines;
  • how to complete the application for coverage (paper, online, and telephonic versions);
  • how long someone is on coverage and how to renew their benefits; and
  • the services the programs cover and how those services are accessed once a person is enrolled.

Each module contains learning objectives, key points addressed, a graded post-test, and evaluation survey questions.  The modules also include helpful attachments, links to web sites that can be of further assistance, and a glossary of terms. Slide handouts for each module are included under “Resources” in the upper right hand corner of the module.

These modules were created with Articulate, a program that creates Flash versions of presentations. Because Flash is installed on approximately 98% of all computers in use today, you should not need to download any additional software to access these programs.  However, if you need to download Flash, go to Adobe Flash.

If you experience any problems while viewing these modules, please contact us at (804) 828-6062 or email signupnow@vhcf.org.

This training is made possible through funding from the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.