Prizes for Progress


This year is the Virginia Health Care Foundation’s (VHCF) 25th anniversary!

We want to mark this important milestone by doing something special for our health safety net partners. We know how hard it is to get unrestricted funding. So, to celebrate 25 years of working with you to grow and strengthen Virginia’s health care safety net, VHCF will award 2 current and/or former grantees unrestricted prize money just for telling us about the difference VHCF support has made for your organization.

First place prize = $15,000 and Second Place = $10,000.

We’re looking for a compelling example of how your clinic/health center or service has flourished as a result of VHCF funding.  Tell us how VHCF’s support has been a game changer for you and your patients.  We’re interested in learning about the “before” and “after”.  You can write about the impact of one grant, support for board development or strategic planning, funding for grantwriters/reviewers for HRSA grants, or a combination of VHCF investments that have helped your organization progress to what it is today.

That’s all you need to do!

How to Participate

  1. Your story should be no more than 2 pages (12 point font and 1 inch margins). Make sure to use our application form!
  2. Give specifics and use descriptive and compelling terms (increased # of patients/visits, effect of expanded services on your organization and patients, improved revenues and/or community support, new practices and their impact).
  3. Only one submission per organization.
  4. Send your story with your completed application form by Monday, May 15, 2017 at 5 pm to Kari Parkhurst.

Additional Information

  1. Members of VHCF’s Board of Trustees will review all submissions and select the winners (so use spellcheck!).
  2. Winners will be announced by July 31, 2017.
  3. A list of all VHCF awards to your organization is available by contacting Kari Parkhurst.
  4. Address any questions to Cat Hulburt or Andrea Lancaster.


It’s your only chance to get money from VHCF

without having to report what you did with it!