Brushing Up – Tooth Talk for Kids

Welcome to Brushing Up – Tooth Talk for Kids

While we all understand the importance of educating young children about oral health care, it can be hard to find fun ways to engage them on the topic.

To help, VHCF has developed Brushing Up —Tooth Talk for Kids, a toolkit of entertaining and age-appropriate materials to help educate and motivate elementary school children to take care of their teeth.

The Brushing Up toolkit is a combination of electronic and hardcopy materials. All of the electronic materials are posted here so you can easily download and use them. These materials have been categorized by age range to accommodate different interests and maturity levels. You’ll see there is an array of games and pictures for coloring, plus one-page handouts about fun dental apps and electronic games that can be shared with children and/or their parents.

Brushing Up’s Electronic Materials:

Ages 3 and up: Dental Booklets:

K-3: Dental Activity Sheets:

Grades 4 -5: Dental Activity Sheets:

Fun Dental Apps:

  • Summary of Dental Apps
  • Dentist Office Kids (All)
  • A Little Crazy Monster Dentist Office (All)
  • Tiny Dentist 2015 (3 and up)
  • Chomper Chums (4-11)
  • Toothsavers (5 and up)

Online Dental Games and Brushing Timers:

Hardcopy Items

  • The Grosser, More Disgusting, But Still Totally Cool Mouth Book
  • Make Way for Tooth Decay
  • Dental Activity Fun Book with the Ocean Pals
  • Packs of Crayons

Please contact VHCF with any questions about Brushing Up at (804) 828-5804.

We extend our deepest thanks to the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
for the grant that made Brushing-Up possible.

Last Updated on February 9, 2021